When the world feels mad, your job is to remember what you believe in. And stand strong.

Has the world gone mad?
When you look around at the news headlines – of girls uniforms being banned, and an article on the BBC website advising ‘how to do your make up after an acid attack’ – do you wonder what the hell happened to this country?

Take Brexit. Your average punter thought when they went into the ballot box, and put a cross against Leave, out would mean out.

We even got a shiny piece of paper through the letter box reminding us the government will implement whatever you decide.

Except we decided Leave won. And that turned out to be the wrong answer. And since then every last little bit of jiggery pokery has been used to try and get the answer London really wanted.

Gina Miller went to the courts and the BBC went slightly more left than wing than John day-of-rage McDonnell.

And as if the constant campaigning against the LEAVE weren’t enough, Labour are polishing up their new improved leader – Keir Starmer – to take over at the helm, with his commitment to keep Britain in the single market and the in customs union.

A word in your ear, Keir.

I appreciate your favourite thing is your own reflection, but if I can drag you away from the mirror – let me explain one thing.

Out is the opposite of in.

Let me make this sexual.

Think of a penis. When it’s in, you can feel it. When it is out, you can’t.

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So when we are in Europe, we are in the single market. And accepting free movement of people in your private space. When you are out, you don’t.

I’m a girl. I know about this consent lark and whatever you think we voted for when we voted Out Keir, we didn’t say yes to more people where we weren’t expecting them. We said no to the penis.

Backing the single market is anti Brexit. And anti democratic.

And an anti democratic politician, Keir is not a good thing. See Robert Mugabe for details. Or Jacob Zumba for that matter.

The left want to silence voices from the right.

They run to twitter police, or YouTube censors, or the actual police. Shut it down, demonitise it, censor it.

Know this my Remain friends. Leave won. Trump won. Whatever happens in the future, you cannot change these facts of our past.

The powerful think these were the wrong answers and will use every dark art they have to change them.

But they do not get to play teacher and red line our work and send us back to do it again.

My truths are Brexit and Trump. Our truth is democracy.

When the world feels mad, your job is to remember what you believe and stand strong.

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