New Year’s Address by Katie Hopkins

It’s a strange time of year this, isn’t it?

January is a yawning month.

Stretching out in murky grey, bereft of all the twinkly stuff of Christmas, full of emptiness and unknowns.

To compensate, we talk about New Year’s resolutions, making daft rules for life to give ourselves something to hold on to.

And we look back at 2017, like a child looking back at its mum as it gets dropped off at the day-care from hell: “Don’t leave me, I’m not ready.”

Whenever we look back, we change the way we see things; our truths are reflected back at us rather differently in the rearview mirror of life.

Some things appear closer than they are.

For me, the failure of Brexit and the attacks on Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, and in Manchester still loom large. Like punches to the gut.

Some things become more menacing and malevolent as time passes – like “justice,” and #MeToo.

The very idea of women weaponizing their vaginas, using whorefare to take down famous faces and politicians, is both terrifying and nauseating. Single accusations being given equivalence with guilt; men jumping from their jobs or committing suicide to escape the mob…

Women have never been so disappointing.

Other reflections on 2017 just present the truth more vividly, in a way that speaks to us with more clarity than when the original events took place – like a fat woman looking at her reflection in the shop window, wondering who the hell that woman is and where the woman she thought she knew has gone.

Or catching a glimpse of herself in a photograph at a wedding where she thought she looked nice, and barely recognizing the creature in front of her.

I have been that woman.

I feel this way about the behavior of the media last year. 2017 was a defining year for British and American media and not in a good way. I barely recognize what they turned in to – their own fat reflections, monsters of their own making.

Pandering to politicians, afraid of advertisers, terrified of religious lobbyists, enablers of half-truths and supplicants of those with cash to spend. I watched columns spouting opinions created specifically to appease advertisers, at the behest of the Islamic and globalist massive: “Trump is a racist and an Islamophobe.” And it sickened me.

Sadly, catching up on “news” has become little more than shopping around for the opinions we already hold, provided by journalists who lack the integrity to go to the source of the story.

To all columnists, radio hosts and studio junkies: if your source is the web, you are really just a desktop with a mouth. And we already have Alexa for that. Be better.

Ask many people in the UK for their greatest disappointment of 2017 and they will say: Brexit. Watching the managed disintegration of Brexit into a blancmange of half-agreements and endless transitional arrangements was mortifying.

Brexit will never happen as the voter intended. When we ticked “leave” we really meant it. But the people in power have decided that was the wrong answer.

Nevertheless, three great things cannot be erased by the establishment and the judiciary who have subverted our democracy.

One: no one can take away what happened on June 23, 2016. That night, the Rest of the UK made its voice heard. Now we know we are out there, all 17.4 million of us. And we know that when we join together, our voices are louder than London. And that’s in the bank.

Two: Londonistan, the state broadcaster, and every left-wing media outlet was proven to be wholly out of touch. That was a defining moment for our terrible media.

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Three: we sent a signal across the globe that London does not speak for the Rest of the UK. We shouted out to the world that belonging to the EU (and accepting open borders) is intolerable for those people who have to pay for it and live with its consequences.

If 2017 proved anything to normal people, it was that our country is utterly mad. Our country gives its people a vote, then effectively overturns it if the vote returns the wrong answer.

Our country allows our children to be slaughtered by Islamists and tells us our primary concern should be a rise in Islamophobia.

Our country bemoans a crumbling National Health Service and tells us the only solution is to let more people in to access it.

Rather like my youngest child, if there is a wrong answer, you can guarantee our leaders will choose it.

But all this is not a segue to despondency. Far from it. I am filled with hope for 2018 because we begin this year with a clearer picture of what we are up against.

We are clear democracy has failed us.

We are clear the media have their own agenda – both on the left and the right.

We know there is no such thing as news. There is only the narrative the authorities and editors dependent on advertisers and political alliances have allowed us to hear.

We know Londonistan and the Rest of the UK are different places, populated by very different people.

And the bright light we felt on June 23, 2016, bounces forwards off the rearview mirror, the spirit of Brexit now illuminating the grit and determination of the leadership of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic – all of whom are refusing to be told by the EU to accept Muslim migrants.

We will prevail.

2017 may have been the year of alternative facts; 2018 will be the year of our truths.

We are the people of the Rest of the UK, allied with right-minded deplorables across the globe.

HopkinsWorld is here to tell the stories not being told. It’s a place for those whose voices are no longer heard, who can’t say what they think because it’s not what you are supposed to think.

We won’t always agree. No one sane ever imagined that 100% agreement was a necessary precursor to a relationship, even in these conformist times.

But we all have a role to play here in 2018, without ruffling feathers, or being fired (that’s my job), or falling out with our friends.

We need to work together, to stick together.

When the world seems mad, your first job is to remember what you believe and stick to it. Remember what you think, and remember why it matters – no matter how crestfallen you feel over Brexit or the fact that there are only two genders despite Facebook saying there are 72.

Your voice matters.

Your second job is to resist the narrative. If you hear more than one politician or policeman repeating the same lines, know there is a script and boy oh boy are they sticking to it. The only time we need a script is when we are telling a story or acting out lines.

The truth never needs a script.

Your third job is to channel your energy, get furious and fight back. Do not let your country fall as the UK has fallen. Refuse to be complicit in managed decline.

Join us here at HopkinsWorld. Sign up. Share. Sponsor the stories not being told.

Your voice matters. And your truths will be told. Welcome to 2018.

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